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CricketMag Renewals (2014)

The CricketMag project consisted in renewing the e-commerce properties of Carus Publishing. Besides a complete facelift, there was the need to focus on keeping current customers by facilitating their digital interaction with the company through the website.

Project Justification

  • High abandonment figures in magazine subscription renewal.
  • Proper UX e-commerce heuristics not met in the platform.
  • Target audience not well versed in digital transactions.
  • Decaying figures in printed publication sales.

Team and Responsibilities

The Legacy website to re-design

The Gameplan

  • Follow e-commerce best practices from Baymard's E-Commerce Checkout Usability research.
  • Cater the process to our largest segment (grandparents)
  • Gather information about the recipient kids to taylor the experience and make it personal for the buyers
  • Focus on sentiment "This is a gift to your kids" instead of the generic "Buy this magazine"

The Personas

UX process and strategy

UX process and strategy. David Linke & Tonya Sutherland


Happy Path

Responsive Happy Path

Instant outcome

The intervention on the Cricket e-commerce portals was a definitive impulse for the company and an investment that paid off instantly, as sales grew 25% from the very first days that the redesign was deployed. This reflects the importance of combining direct research on your customers as well as 2nd hand research from respected sources such as Baymard in achieving good results for customer experience and business overall.

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