CricketMag Renewals (2014)

The CricketMag project consisted in renewing the e-commerce properties of Carus Publishing. Besides a complete facelift, there was the need to focus on keeping current customers by facilitating their digital interaction with the company through the website.

Project Justification

  • High abandonment figures in magazine subscription renewal.
  • Proper UX e-commerce heuristics not met in the platform.
  • Target audience not well versed in digital transactions.
  • Decaying figures in printed publication sales.

Team and Responsibilities

The Legacy website to re-design

The Gameplan

  • Follow e-commerce best practices from Baymard's E-Commerce Checkout Usability research.
  • Cater the process to our largest segment (grandparents)
  • Gather information about the recipient kids to taylor the experience and make it personal for the buyers
  • Focus on sentiment "This is a gift to your kids" instead of the generic "Buy this magazine"

The Personas

UX process and strategy

UX process and strategy. David Linke & Tonya Sutherland


Happy Path

Responsive Happy Path

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